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  1. A: checkra1n is released in binary form only at this stage. We plan to open-source later in 2020. We will release the full checkra1n source once we have a Windows GUI version. We had hoped to get there in 2020, but we didn't manage to. But PongoOS, the kernel patchfinder and the SEP exploit are already open source on GitHub
  2. Ra1nstorm https://github.com/ra1nstorm/ra1nstorm-helper/releasesTutorial on how to install Ra1nstormhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vz8J_I-nQg&t=636sCheckra..
  3. Ra1nbox - Jailbreak Online using a portable Linux board with checkra1n. Developer Fidelity88 has released on the go solution to CheckRa1n Linux users. This is a portable checkra1n jailbreak solution based on the NanoPi Neo2. With this method checkra1n runs together with the Ra1nbox software on this portable Linux board
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  5. DFU Mode iPhone 7 or 7 Plus - iOS 14.6 checkra1n Linux install: Press and hold the side and volume down buttons together for almost 10 seconds. After 3 seconds, wait, release the side button only, keep pressing the volume down button for at least 5-8 seconds

Select your USB and install your iso file with the Linux version ubuntu. Wait for all finish. Boot your Windows PC from the USB and select the Ubuntu. Windows guide; Now that you are on Ubuntu copy Checkra1n for Linux to your desktop and Open terminal do these commands with the terminal. cd Desktop chmod 777 checkra1n sudo ./checkra1n - Tags: bootra1n checkra1n Linux checkra1n windows 10 checkra1n windows 7 checkra1n windows 8 how to jailbreak ios 13.3.1 how to jailbreak iphone how to jailbreak iphone with windows how to jailbreak with checkra1n how to jailbreak without mac os jailbreak ios 13.3.1 jailbreak iphone 13.3. Checkra1n Jailbreak is only available for Mac and Linux users for now. But the Checkra1n team says Checkra1n will support Windows soon. The release note of the latest Checkra1n v0.12.2 says as follows Download Checkra1n Jailbreak for your iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices! In this day and age, every app seems to be very protected. Few guidelines need to be followed to access any application and it can have an impact on your security in the system How to use Checkra1n Jailbreak on LinuxCheckRa1n Jailbreak iOS 14,14.1,14.2 , iCloud Bypassapt command install checkra1n:Add our APT repo: echo deb https://..

How to install checkra1n On Kali Linux. checkra1n jailbreak is the new generation jailbreaking tool based on the permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit called checkm8 by axi0mX. The app can be used to jailbreak all iOS Devices between A5 to A11 including iOS 12.3 up to iOS 13. checkra1n install Kali Linux checkra1n-linux minimal Live USB Portable minimal boot environment for use with checkra1n. About: Live Linux distributions like Ubuntu (1.9GB), Fedora(1.8GB), Arch(635MB) and even Gentoo(347MB) are extremely bloated if you don't need to actually install an OS Thanks for Chimera Developer and team - Twitter Checkra1n Latest Updates: #checkra1n 0.12.2 released, fixing A10/A10X devices on iOS 14.3, fixing some LaunchDaemon issues, and enabling USB on the AppleTV 4k. Checkra1n Jailbreak Team New changes: Enables USB on AppleTV 4k during normal system operation Fixes A10 and A10X devices crashing issue on iOS 14.3 Read More »Checkra1n: Mac, Linux. #checkra1n #linux #jailbreak #cydiaIn this video I will show you how to install install checkra1n on Linux Automatically. The checkra1n script will fix stuck.. Hello a warm welcome to FIXtastic Contents. The channel to your solutions.This tutorial will show you, how to run Checkra1n on Linux in VirtualBox Windows PC..

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#checkra1n #linux #jailbreak #cydiaIn this video I am going to demonstrate How to run checkra1n on Vmware on Windows 10. The computer is fully compatible as. Linux Support. This is the first checkra1n release which adds support for linux. More information on installing the Linux version can be found here. webra1n. Webra1n is an experimental web based UI for checkra1n, broadcasting ncurses - the terminal based ui - right to your browser and allowing headless devices (such as the Raspberry Pi) to.

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This beta is only available for macOS. Work is ongoing to support Linux (eta son) and Windows, which will be added in a later release. Package managers. At the moment, checkra1n only supports installing Cydia. Support for other package managers is coming soon, and will not require a checkra1n update Install the checkra1n using the repo: sudo apt install checkra1n. And finally to run the checkra1n: sudo checkra1n. To run it again later, just run sudo checkra1n from any folder. If a new version is releases, you just need to run sudo apt update and sudo apt install checkra1n to install the new version There are multiple checkra1n builds for different combinations of operating systems and architectures. Find out what's best for your system! On Debian-based distros (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.) The recommended installation method on Debian based systems is our APT repo. This allows for easy updates and management of the checkra1n app

checkra1n-linux. Automated script to download, install and execute Checkra1n on Linux. How to install this script manually: Download the script; Open a terminal and use the cd command to locate it in your Downloads folde Tags: checkra1n Linux checkra1n windows 10 checkra1n windows 7 checkra1n windows 8 how to jailbreak ios 13.3.1 how to jailbreak iphone how to jailbreak iphone with windows how to jailbreak with checkra1n how to jailbreak without mac os jailbreak ios 13.3.1 jailbreak iphone 13.3. checkra1n jailbreak has updated the tool today to add support for iOS 13.3.1. More importantly, this is the first release of the checkra1n tool to support Linux. checkra1n was only available for macOS. With the addition of Linux support, it is now easier for iPhone and iPad users to jailbreak their device running iOS 13 - iOS 13.3.1 checkra1n linux 越狱教程 Hanhan • 2020 年 02 月 07 日 • 阅读: 2519 • 玩机技巧. 前言.

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资源内容 — CheckRa1n Linux (ios越狱工具)介绍. checkra1n是一个强大的ios越狱工具,支持从iphone 5s到iphone 12,ios 12.0及更高版本的越狱,支持a9,a10,a11处理器ios14.2,是监狱,它非常强大。. 用户不需要错过它,来下载它!. 最新说明. checkra1n终于发布了0.12.0. 官方版. Checkra1n icloud bypass package windows 10/7 download free. Download checkra1n icloud bypass tool for windows 10 & 7 for iPhone 5s - iPhone X using iOS 12.3 and u Today, I will show you how to use checkra1n jailbreak to bypass iCloud on any device from iPhone 5s to iPhone X. The idea is to do SSH via USB, as checkra1n uses SSH ramdisk, and delete /rename or patch the Setup.app running iCloud activation screen on your device.. This method is different from the Custom Firmware restore iCloud bypass method but the idea i s the same => patch or invalidate. 7.把checkra1n linux 拉进入运行即可。 不过!有些电脑Linux直接运行直接成功,有些电脑不行,需要获取root权限再添加软件库才行,考虑到要执行代码的问题,后续技术会继续跟进,将命令整合在一起,弄个脚本一键完成。 话说

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Step 2 Download checkra1n_patch for your operating system (macOS or Linux). Step 3 Install bspatch on your machine. Step 4 Enter the following command in Terminal to patch the checkra1n binary - bspatch <old file> <new file> <patch> Step 5 Run ./checkra1n -c in the Terminal to kickstart the jailbreak process checkra1n for LinuxBootROM Exploitを採用した脱獄ツール「checkra1n」が年内に出るかもしれない。出ないとしてもかなり近日中に出るはずなのでそろそろLinuxの準備をしておくといいかもというお話です。 Download Free package CheckRa1n iCloud Lock for Windows/ Mac/ Linux 2021 The truth is that it is very complicated iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak without computer in previous years as 2018, 2019 apply jailbreaking without pc was easier, but now in 2021 it is somewhat more difficult so we recommend free download checkra1n tool and.

Linux Support. This is the first checkra1n release which adds support for linux. More information on installing the Linux version can be found here. Known issues. The exploit may not work as reliably on some devices, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3 checkra1n installer for all platforms. Contribute to Randomblock1/checkra1n-linux development by creating an account on GitHub

All these changes are made in the Mac and Linux version. Here we are going to checkra1n jailbreak on windows; the issues are resolved in it as well—a massive shoutout to JustATech for making it easier for users having windows machines to checkra1n windows jailbreak.. But don't worry, unc0ver jailbreak has made huge progress and that supports iOS 11 - iOS 14.3 on All devices Edit February 5 2020 : There is now an official checkra1n release for Linux with no QEMU or Virtualization required! Watch my video here! Introduction. Hey jailbreakers! I've got a simple step by step guide on how you can dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 18.04 to run the checkra1n jailbreak tool! Be warned that setup is a little. checkra1n officially supports Linux on ARM, so it works better than Android would; You can use the latest release of checkra1n on pinephone immediately! odysseyra1n works on pinephone; pinera1n supports multiple Linux distributions; Demo video. These are simple videos just showing what it looks like to use it: Mobian Manjar checkra1n is a tool capable of jailbreaking millions of iOS device on firmwares 12.0 and above. It's currently only compatible with macOS and Linux. A Windows release is planned to release in the future. After installing checkra1n, we'll be using a script to install Odysseyra1n

Step 1 Download checkra1n on your Mac or Linux computer using the link above. We will use macOS for the sake of this tutorial. Remember, this tool does not work on Microsoft Windows. Step 2 Drag and drop the jailbreak to your Applications folder if you are using macOS. Step 3 Now navigate to the Applications folder One developer by the name of newhacker1746 on Reddit is taking the challenge of turning the iPhone 7 into a Linux-powered smartphone. Besides booting the ARM64 build of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on. Say hello to pinera1n, a mobile checkra1n jailbreak method that can run on the Linux-based Pinephone handset. Pinera1n isn't the first attempt to make a portable checkra1n jailbreak solution; instead, that award went to Ra1nbox last year.Ra1nbox was a NanoPi Neo2 with a sleek cover and specialized checkra1n software built right in, but it was a bit clunky compared to pinera1n There is a premium version of Checkra1n Downloader which comes with a Step by Step guide for Windows, Linux, and Mac + Jailbreak Support Assistance, which costs $4.99 / lifetime and it looks like a fair deal as they guide you through the jailbreak steps At the moment, checkra1n only supports installing Cydia. Support for other package managers is coming soon, and will not require a checkra1n update. Credits: BootRa1n 0.10.1 Made by Checkra1n for Linux - checkra1n Base OS - Void Linux Team Project - Foxlet (@FoxletFox) Concept - Evan (@evanhackerman) CheckRa1n 0.10.1 Made b

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checkra1n越獄工具在前幾天推出 Linux 版本,相信對於 Windows 用戶可能也看得很模糊,甚至要切割硬碟到安裝 Linux 系統太過於繁雜,這篇要來教大家最簡易最快速利用隨身碟 Linux 方式直接實現 checkra1n 越獄,算是目前史上最無腦的越獄方式 Steps to Jailbreak iOS 14.6 with Checkra1n. In the first step, you have to run the Checkra1n on your Mac or Linux. Now, connect your iPhone to your computer (Don't use the dock for connecting). The Checkra1n will detect your device. In this step, you have to check if your device appears in Finder

In this video I will show that How to install #checkra1n on #KaliLinux or other Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint etc? This is easiest way to use checkra1n on Windows PC without macOS for jailbreak iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. Linux installation video tutorials - Hindi. Live USB Checkra1n Jailbreak[Supports iPhone X and Below] The most powerful jailbreak tool in history, Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 15 compatibility still not confirmed officially by the Checkra1n team. Still, we can have a hope that they said earlier their Checkra1n jailbreak tool will support till the iOS 15 version If you follow the checkra1n team closely on Twitter and you pay attention to the our news pieces as the team releases updates to the tool, then you'd probably come to assume that you can't run the checkra1n jailbreak unless you have a Mac or a computer running Linux. While the aforementioned state is still technically true, you can use a helpful utility called bootra1n to run the checkra1n. EDIT: I have now successfully achieved checkra1n on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 using QEMU and IOMMU Pass through. Installation scripts coming soon! I have a work around using a live Linux USB. There is no offical release for Windows and Linux currently so macOS must be virtualized using KVM and IOMMU groupings

Step 1: First of all you need to download the compatible Checkra1n version for your Linux. Use the below command for this to check your system architect details. uname -a. Step 2: Download the checkra1n jailbreak files using the APT repo. Here are the commands that you need to run on your linux terminal checkra1n is yet to find its way to Linux . But, with the help of Cumbox, you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a checkra1n dongle and jailbreak your iPhone Download the latest checkra1n on your Mac or Linux PC and run the app.; Go to the checkra1n's options, and enable the setting called 'allow untested versions'. Put your iPhone or iPad in DFU. From Linux: sudo ./checkra1n --cli. A successful run of checkra1n for the T2 Connecting to SSH. Once the device has run checkra1n, it's ready to accept a connection to dropbear for SSH. You connect to the SSH server on a T2 by proxying the connection over usbmuxd. The SSH server runs on port 44 due to specialized handing of 22 in the kernel

checkra1n-cli: Description: A semi-tethered jailbreak, developed primarily by Luca Todesco (qwertyoruiop). It's based on the checkm8 bootrom exploit released by axi0mx. Supports iOS 12.0 and newer. Upstream URL: https://checkra.in: Keywords: checkra1n ios iphone jailbreak: Licenses: unknown Conflicts: checkra1n Submitter: 1Conan: Maintainer Hence, a higher number means a better checkra1n-linux alternative or higher similarity. Suggest an alternative to checkra1n-linux. Reviews and mentions. Posts with mentions or reviews of checkra1n-linux. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-03-23 checkra1n越狱教程linux,Checkra1n iOS 13.6.1 越狱技术教程 1522; 欧瑞变频器800参数设置_ABB变频器ACS800调试参数设置 1214; es查询index生成时间_【Elasticsearch】Elasticsearch索引的创建、查看及修改 1010; 小波变换系数计算实例_从傅里叶变换到小波变换 67 For a long time, the CheckRa1n jailbreak tool can only be used on Mac or black apple system. What should Windows users do without Mac if we want to jailbreak? There is our useful tutorial: We don't need MAC, Windows jailbreak tutorial by using Linux U disk checkra1n. Suitable iDevice: iPhone 5s - iPhone X, iOS 12.3 and u

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A Mac or a Linux PC to use checkra1n app. checkra1n for Windows is still not available. Jailbreak steps. Download the latest checkra1n on your Mac or Linux PC, and run the app Checkra1n Jailbreak Windows, LINUX, and Mac guide — iOS . In this tutorial, we are covering how to install checkra1n jailbreak on iOS14.4, iOS 13, iOS 12, and a Step guide to install Ra1nUSB, Ra1nStorm, bootra1n Tool Linux, and Windows computer with the checkrain Jailbreak tool.. Checkra1n Permanent jailbreak just released for iOS 12 to up. Checkra1n是一款iOS越狱软件,理论支持A12设备以下所有机型和系统版本。. 之前Checkra1n越狱工具只支持Mac设备,门槛较高很多黑苹果由于硬件原因都不成功,近日Checkra1n的Linux版本发布了,本人的AMD处理器实测成功

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Workaround: relaunch checkra1n after every jailbreak attempt. In fact you may also need to restart your Mac computer. Looks like the USB driver (or some other system component on the computer) has a problem with checkra1n, and restarting the computer does help. Also, re-connect the device and enter it into the DFU mode again Linux 支持这是第一个添加对linux 的支持的checkra1n 版本。 有关安装Linux 版本的更多信息。 在基于Debian 的发行版(Ubuntu、Linux 等)基于Debian 的系统推荐的安装方法是我们的APT 回购。 这允许轻松更新和管理checkra1n 应用程序。 请点击【原文阅读】下载Linux版此版本是测试版预览版,因此不应安装在主设备上 教程 最详细的 Checkra1n for Linux(便于更新越狱工具 教程 最详细的 Checkra1n for Linux(便于更新越狱工具 ,怎么安装Weiphone的源 威锋 千万果粉大本营 怎么安装Weiphone的源 威锋 千万果粉大本营 ,传苹果正在开发新的编程语言 lsquo xlang rsquo 威锋 千万 传苹果正在开发新的编程语言 lsquo xlang rsquo 威锋 千 شرح مفصل لطريقة تنزيل جلبريك Checkra1n على جهاز iPhone أو iPad إصدار iOS 14.3 تحت نظام Mac و Linux، مع إدراج مميزات تحديث شكرين 0.12.2

If you have updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.3.1 and find that the firmware lives up to your expectations, you can download checkra1n 0.9.8 for Mac and Linux right now from checkra.in and get jailbreaking. For instructions on how to install checkra1n 0.9.8 on the Linux platform, head over to checkra.in/linux تنزيل جيلبريك checkra1n من linux بدون تثبيته من الوندوز في 5 دقائق Reboot and run checkra1n. ألاوامر المستخدم

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Here is checkra1n Linux step-by-step tutorial. However, there are some ways here that you can install checkra1n jailbreak windows easily. If you got a passcode disabled iPhone, here is a brand new method to unlock how to unlock iPhone without passcode on a disabled device for free, thanks to checkra1n jailbreak How to jailbreak your device with 3Utool? now you can easily jailbreak your device by using checkra1n jailbreak with the support of the 3U tool. as you know Checkra1n is a permeant, checkm8 exploit-based jailbreak tool. also, it supports all the iOS versions including newly released iOS 14.2, iOS 14.3, iOS 14.4, iOS 14.5, iOS 14.6 versions.. If you have a Windows or Linux PC (computer) you can.

Este exploit fue tomado como base para checkra1n (un proyecto comunitario), el cual desde el ultimo trimestre del año pasado dio mucho de que hablar y que hasta el momento en este mes de febrero fue liberada la versión para Linux (ya que anteriormente solo esta disponible para Mac OS) checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak, developed primarily by Luca Todesco (qwertyoruiop).It's based on the checkm8 bootrom exploit released by axi0mX. checkra1n supports iOS 12.0 and newer, iPadOS 13.1 and newer, and tvOS 12.0 and newer.Experimental support was added in 0.9.9 for the T2 processor. Partial support for HomePod was added in 0.12.1 beta..

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Checkra1n ist neben macOS nun auch für Linux verfügbar. Wer eine grafische Anwendung haben möchte und nicht das Terminal dafür verwenden will, der sollte die nächsten Schritte ausführen. Mit dieser Anleitung könnt ihr Checkra1n unter Linux verwenden und das ganze dauert keine 5 Minuten devices without the home button just turn off device and press volume up and volume down at the same time, keep pressing while checkra1n is doing the process. On devices with home button jailbreak device and after checkra1n restart you keep pressing volume up and home button until you enter in diagnostics

CheckRa1n 0.12.2 beta version is compatible only with macOS and Linux. The Checkra1n team continues their work on Windows version and hopes to make it available with one of future releases. Package managers. Currently, Cydia installation is the only package manager supported by CheckRa1n Jailbreak 0.12.2. It is expected that other package. The official checkra1n Linux version is released as well. Here is the step-by-step checkra1n Linux jailbreak tutorial with two different methods. Step #4. After the moving script is over, you'll see a message asking you to attach an external mouse with your computer if your trackpad isn't working Checkra1n Jailbreak by Linux - video Guide. CheckRa1n Jailbreak Android Guide. If you do not have a Windows / Mac or Linux computer, then the android method is the perfect solution to run the Checkrain Jailbreak tool. Unfortunately, this Method also harder than Mac and 3uTools. For this, you need Root access Android phone Install Checkra1n on your Mac. First, download the latest Checkra1n on your macOS or Linux. Currently, the latest version is 0.12.4. Once you have the downloaded file click on your Mac, double click the dmg file. It will bring up the installer, drag the Checkra1n to the Application folder to initiate the installation

Checkra1n 0.10.1 is OUT | BootRa1n 0.10.1 Windows | Checkra1n 0.10.1 Windows | Jailbreak ios 13.4/13.4.1 Windows Just a Tech April 08, 2020 *IMPORTANT* HOW TO DOWNLOA What is checkra1n, Checkra1n is linux based image built specially jailbreak for iDevices With checkra1n tools. the checkra1n opreate Windows, Macos, Linux Full work FREE untethered icloud bypass windows iCloud Bypass tool_v1.6 work with checkra1n devices jailbreak, follow the video instructions for better results New checkra1n beta version has just gone live with support for Apple TV and old devices. Moreover, the Linux version is almost ready

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This update comes with Checkra1n Linux support. So if you are a Linux user now you can go ahead with the Checkra1n Jailbreak process. It has download links for Linux CLI, x86_64, arm, arm64, i486. Get details and download links from here. Checkra1n 0.9.8 also introduced the brand new operating system as pongoOS for the very first time This is (probably) because checkra1n is still in beta. These 'errors' can be ignored as they are merely 'warnings'. To force quit checkra1n after jailbreaking, see the FAQ: The Ra1nbox hangs during the jailbreak process! Ra1nbox version 2.x: disabling verbose mode AND safe mode leads to checkra1n getting stuck on booting. This is a known bug Checkra1n Linux Guide; Checkra1n Mac Guide; Here is the list of devices that DOES NOT SUPPORT Checkra1n jailbreak. If you own one of the following devices, you may check out iOS 14.6 / iOS 14.7 Jailbreak Alternatives at the bottom of this article. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. ELF > À @ á @8 @ @@ @ ø ø L¾}L¾} À}À À ›n ›n 0•0µ0µ`° áj HI HI½HI½ Råtd P P½P½` Påtd XƒxXƒ˜Xƒ˜ì ì Qåtd 8 8 8 GNUîÏ¢åÃ/ »å}åå} æ}9æ}cæ}—æ}âæ}tç}Ýç}ñç} è}'è} é}›ë}õé}Nê}ïê} bellflash_screen¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ x2dð2d´2dJ 2 checkra1n越狱工具在前几天推出Linux版本,相信对于Windows 用户可能也看得很模糊,甚至要切割硬碟到安装Linux 系统太过于繁杂,这篇要来教大家最简易最快速利用随身碟Linux 方式直接实现checkra1n越狱,算是目前史上最无脑的越狱方式

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Jailbreak iOS 14.6 using Checkra1n with Mac. Step 1: Let's download the latest Checkra1n jailbreak version to your Mac. Step 2: Install the downloaded DMG file. Give File location as Mac's Applications folder. Step 3: This step 3 is an optional step If you experience a security error, follow the below path and instructions Odysseyra1n Tutorial - Jailbreak iOS 12/13/14 with Checkra1n and Install Sileo - macOS/ Linux guide In this post, I am going to tell you how to install odysseyra1n on your iPhones or iPads compatible with checkra1n.We are all aware of Checkra1n and it's power. With it's semi-tethered nature it can be a headache sometimes but it is the reason. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us r/checkra1n Rules. 1. Do not discuss iCloud Bypasses, Activation lock, unlock, or anything similar. 2. Piracy is strictly forbidden. 3. Do not be rude, give bad advice, or be generally mean

Preliminary native support for M1 Macs is now available in the Linux kernel, but many kinks are left to be ironed out and there's no accelerated graphics support present at the moment. Read More Checkra1n jailbreak updated to version 0.12.3 with M1 Mac support, iOS 14.5 support, & bug fixe Exploit device with Checkra1n. Go ahead and open up Checkra1n as we are connected in DFU mode. Just say start and we're all set. This time we're going to see the verbose boot. This is the lovely Checkra1n exploit that goes all the way through from the boot ROM to the kernel to everything Checkra1n Jailbreak. How to Jailbreak iOS 14.5 using Checkra1n Jailbreak on your Windows, Linux or Mac Computer. Find all the step by step guides with images checkn1x 【checkn1x】はbootra1n同様、checkra1nを使用するために必要最低限のLinux環境をパッケージ化した、低容量のcheckra1n用Linuxといったイメージの物です。 Windows機でも、USBメモリにインストールしたcheckn1xを起動することでcheckra1nが使えるため、MacやLinux環境を持っていないという方にオススメ

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BootRa1n Checkra1n 0.10.1 for Windows Jailbreak and Bypass iCloud iOS 13.4 - 13.4.1 Just enough Linux to boot checkra1n on any PC. You will need: An USB.. Checkra1n 0.9.9 ( Source) This release brings experimental iOS 13.4 support. The developer adds that users should test this release on other firmware as well. Support for iOS 13.4 is activated by default. To get Checkra1n to run on 13.4, users need to tick the ' allow untested iOS versions ' checkbox in the options view 虚拟机 checkra1n -26和-31错误. 不支持虚拟机,需要在黑苹果,Ra1nUSB,Linux下越狱. AMD的黑苹果,错误-31, AMD的CPU使用checkra1n越狱黑苹果会报错-31 适用系统iOS13-13.3.1基本都是一次成功。转载网上图片附上给大家参考 1.先制作U盘启动,会清空U盘数据注意做好备份 Checkra1nでLinuxを脱獄する方法は?. 脱獄 (特権昇格の形式)および これは、いくつかの制限を取り除くためにiOSデバイスで実行されるプロセスです。. 変更されたカーネルの使用を通じてAppleによって課されます(Androidでの同等のものはrootです)。. 脱獄に.